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Welcome To Technologies and Investments Institute (TII)

Technologies and Investments Institute (TII), Hyderabad is established with the aim of providing 100% practical corporate level training and learning experience of essential IT & Stock Market courses to all working IT professionals & for other sectors. We provide training by corporate trainers and real time professionals. We are driven by our belief in the potential of new technologies to enrich IT industry & Investments Sectors. We currently providing Training and offering courses in Blockchain technology and investments Education in our institute In Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Courses We Offer


Blockchain is new technology, which is empowering the future. TII is pioneering in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology serve the society in many ways.

Stock market

TII offers investments education. TII provide complete stock market course. It offers education on stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, Real Estate(REIT)s, Bonds, Futures and Options.

Blockchain Course Highlights

Course begins with the introduction of blockchain technology architecture and its features like open, neutral, censorship resistance, decentralized & peer-to-peer.

Sharing knowledge about the various technologies supporting the blockchain technology.

Discussion on Ethereum architecture, similarities and differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Sessions describing Ethereum components and clients.

Sessions about the Solidity (higher-level programming language) for smart contracts.

Explain concepts in solidity with sample programs.

Teach about DApp(project) and develop two sample DApps(projects) from the scratch.

Explore the functionality of in house developed DApp work on block explorers.

Discussion on tokens and ICO (Initial Coin Offerng)s.

Stock Market Course Highlights

Cover complete investments education like stocks, mutual funds, etfs, bonds, real estate, futures and options.

Sessions on different types of investments strategies.

Real time portfolio development practice.

Covers financial planning.

Covers behavioral finance

Sessions on deep fundamental analysis

Covers technical analysis and charts.

Trainer share his experience on American markets and international markets.