About TII

Technologies and Investments Institute (TII), Hyderabad is established with the aim of providing 100% practical corporate level training and learning experience of essential IT & Stock Market courses to all working IT professionals & for other sectors. We provide training by corporate trainers and real time professionals. We are driven by our belief in the potential of new technologies to enrich IT industry & Investments Sectors. We currently providing Training and offering courses in Blockchain technology and investments Education in our institute In Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
How We Work
We went through series of studies and identified how to suffice the ever changing. We believe in a thought “the only thing constant is change”. And to meet the constant we need to upgrade and change. To understand the requirement and meet the IT professional’s and Investors expectations, we provide the needed attention and training. We provide Demo Classes, Counseling, Study materials and the best in industry trainers.

The practices we follow:

Staying up-to-date on trending technologies.

Open and Transparent consultation.

Demo Classes to meet your expectation.

Defined Training Plan.

Our Mission

To serve the students, employees and employers to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

To bring new technologies and investments education to everyone.


To provide access to education without the limits of time, place, and distance.
To provide career programs that meet the needs of students, employees and employers.


TII provide training in blockchain technology and investments education in Hyderabad. It provides training in three formats, class room, online and corporate training. Blockchain is new technology, which is empowering the future. TII is pioneering in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology serve the society in many ways. TII is glad to take part in providing services in this area. TII continues to explore more opportunities in this area to serve the clients best possible way.


TII offers investments education. TII provide complete stock market course. It offers education on stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, Real Estate(REIT)s, Bonds, Futures, and Options. Stock market course cover all possible investments strategies. TII aim is to provide best investments knowledge to everyone to make better investments.